Cy Twombly, 1971

twombly poster


Rosalind Krauss, “Cy was here; Cy’s up,” in ArtForum, September 1994

Who’s Right? So who’s right, do you think? Roland Barthes, or all the others who’ve written about Cy Twombly–all those for whom the Latin is serious, to be taken at face value, consumed as erudition, as classical humanism somehow magically surviving amidst the barbarism of the late 20th century, a talismanic flower sprouting from a decaying Roman wall? Here that view is in its most sick-making, obsequious form, written by Twombly’s assiduous art-historical amanuensis, the Heiner Bastian who is compiling the catalogue raisonne of the paintings, the drawings, the sculptures, the prints. Bastian asks,