MiLLion dollar Paintings

Michael Etzensperger

Swiss Institute New York invitations

Sprüth Magers poster invitations

Specific Object Invitation cards

open up in a dramatic way




Unverkennbare Grafik! Eigenwilliges Format und gleich Marken und Adresse drauf geklebt. Unaufgeregt.

Mehr Bilder hier.

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3 ingredients:


It has to have 3 ingredients:
1. image
2. text
3. a form (more than a sheet of paper)
It has to do something – turn, fold, flip.
A key aspect is text of ranging sizes + fonts, especially text which runs off the page, forcing you to folloe it, open the poster, rotate it to see more. I want to thouch it, to zoom in and out – that is, to conclude a thought and have my attention renewed by an adjacent image.

Lara Mehling

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