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function based



With artistic design form for information, roughly printed artist’s work gehind. It simply displays the balance between elegance of artistic approach and massive printed invitation.
Function based.

Jenny Huang



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Sprüth Magers poster invitations



Unverkennbare Grafik! Eigenwilliges Format und gleich Marken und Adresse drauf geklebt. Unaufgeregt.

Mehr Bilder hier.

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3 ingredients:


It has to have 3 ingredients:
1. image
2. text
3. a form (more than a sheet of paper)
It has to do something – turn, fold, flip.
A key aspect is text of ranging sizes + fonts, especially text which runs off the page, forcing you to folloe it, open the poster, rotate it to see more. I want to thouch it, to zoom in and out – that is, to conclude a thought and have my attention renewed by an adjacent image.

Lara Mehling

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Les Complices* printed matter